Kindle, Nook, Google ebook Editions Now Available

As of this morning, all electronic versions of The Siren’s Call are available for the e-reader of your choice. The Kindle Edition is available from Amazon; the Nook Edition is available from Barnes and Noble and the Google ebooks version is available from your favorite independent bookseller.

As you probably know, not all e-readers are created equal. The following is what you can expect from the various electronic versions of The Siren’s Call.

  • Kindle Edition, Price 3.99
    The Kindle Edition of The Siren’s Call is the best electronic version available. All of the Kindle features are operative, and there is one very important aspect of why the Kindle version is advantageous. In the Chapter: “Delta” the Greek symbol for the letter delta (Δ) is used in the print version. This symbol is rendered correctly in the Kindle version, which allows for the reading experience of this chapter to be seamless and the meaning of the chapter to be conveyed without the interruption from a character not rendered correctly.
  • Nook Edition, Price 3.19
    The Barnes and Noble Nook Edition is exactly the same as the Kindle Edition, except it has one flaw. The Greek letter Delta is rendered as a question mark (?) instead of the symbol for delta (Δ). This creates confusion when reading this chapter, and the meaning of the imagery loses some of its impact. However, in all other aspects, the Nook edition is on par with the Kindle edition.
  • The Google ebooks Edition, Price 3.99 or less
    The Google Ebooks edition is EXACTLY like the printed version of the book and the Greek letter Delta is rendered correctly (Δ). On a large format computer screen viewing The Siren’s Call would be the preferred option. However reading features on a smaller device, such as an iphone or Droid using an app, are absent, making reading of the novel all but impossible. On a Kindle or Nook, you can scale text to fit your screen and choose your font size and style. This is not possible on a reading app for the Google ebooks edition. You can enlarge type using the reading app, but the entire page enlarges and only a portion of the page is viewable on your device at any one time. If you are using a tablet, notebook, or netbook PC, this would not be a major problem. But on the smaller screens of a smart phone, reading becomes impossible.

Please choose the electronic version that best matches the capabilities of your reading device, and thank you so much for your support!

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