The Siren’s Call is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

My novel, The Siren’s Call, was published yesterday. It is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback editions. The Kindle edition will be forthcoming soon, along with previews of the book on the Amazon printed version pages. The delay has to do with the digitization process now taking place for the Kindle edition.

You can purchase the book through Amazon or the other vendor’s listed on the site. There appears to be one vendor that is actually listing the paperback version of the book at a four dollar discount from the publisher’s price.

Signed and personalized author copies will soon be available directly from me on this website. I am in the process of setting up a paypal account for this purpose. Watch this space for details.

The publication of this novel is the culmination of a process that has taken almost fifteen years. This is really an exciting day! Thank you so much for all of your support! I hope you enjoy the book!

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  1. Jena Isle says:

    Wow, Matthew, you finally have your book at Amazon. I am awed. You’ve finally arrived. Congratulations. I hope I could publish a book too in the future.

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